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A Kiss
of Life

We work with the most modern
scientific methods,
based on the latest
research findings.

BLUEZONES Suisse gmbh


BLUEZONES Suisse mbh is responsible for the distribution of BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products and operates as the central operational hub of the BLUEZONES Research Group. The research group is an ambitious alliance of bioscience companies that work closely with international science centres and universities around the world.


For more than 20 years, the scientific work of our research group has been focused on the research and utilization of plant nutrients. We develop nutrition/prevention concepts and products in the field of Phyto-Nutrition, which effectively counteract the aging process and could be useful under the aspect of anti-aging/better-aging.

HealthBiocare GmbH – our partner laboratory based in Vienna - is an independent company that is part of the research group that interacts, collaborates, complements and supports at an international level.
All partners and participants follow the principles of a holistic view of health. Sustainability, resilience, social justice and access to information are central elements of effective and future-oriented health care.
We work with the most modern scientific methods based on the latest discoveries of science and research.

You will find the other partners of the BLUEZONES Research Group here:

Research Group Dr. Haslberger

Transfer Technology Vesifact

System Biologie AG

We manufacture sustainably with
local employees, directly in the
Blue Zones.

Dr. med. P.D. Alexander Krafft
Scientist & Lecturer

BLUEZONES® Elements –
A Social Commitment


We manufacture our special ingredients in the Blue Zone regions, where the plants are 'at home' and source the raw materials directly from local farmers.

As valuable as the plant substances in our BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products are, so are partnerships and long-term relationships with the local people.

We are constantly looking for new and unique growing areas that meet our high standards and are in negotiation to expand our growing areas to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

In Bhutan, the personal happiness of the population as a whole is considered the highest state goal. This has become an officially declared state policy called the 'Gross National Happiness'.