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by nature®

Curate your optimal life
with the power of nature.

The Essence –
20 Years of Research

The selection of growth and harvest areas is intricate.

Scientists of the BLUEZONES® research team have conducted many years of research on the flora and fauna in a unique areas throughout the world dubbed " Blue Zones ", and concluded that the selection of the cultivation area is decisive for the quality and high concentration of phytonutrients.

Plants that provide valuable phytonutrients for BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS can be sustainably cultivated in their natural environment under optimal conditions. According to the following order, all important factors such as climate, altitude of cultivation areas, oxygen content in the air, weather conditions, etc., naturally coordinate and allow plants to produce essential secondary plant substances in high concentrations, as required by BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS-products.

Deep Impact

By taking BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products, the body specifically receives high-quality phytonutrients that directly influence genes response and can either 'turn them on' or 'turn them off'.


First off, the foundation of our products is more complete than that of other suppliers of personalized products. Others only analyse the affordable GEN-SNiP through saliva for the development of their products.
Through additional analysis of epigenetic factors BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS is a step ahead, Analysing the combination of your DNA data with the "epigenetic deviation" of your blueprint shows us which genes you can reactivate or repair with specific phytonutrients and proven results.
This holistic panel is based on the latest scientific research and has been extensively validated.
Secondly, the concept of BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS is not based exclusively on the cocktail of vitamins and/or minerals as is the case with conventional supplements.
A personalized formulation of vitamins and minerals would not be effective. Even their supply through the usual, daily consumption of fruit and vegetables would distort the requirements. BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS, on the other hand, is based on the supply of phytonutrients which are specially determined for you and which the body does not easily obtain from food.
Last but not least, BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS will not compensate for a superficial deficiency. It will help your body tap into its true potential again through carefully balanced phytonutrients for long term results. This counteracts any (constant) equalization by external supplies.

Blue Zones –
A Power Source

The definition of Blue Zones refers to a phenomenon which has managed to fascinate scientists throughout the world. These are (5) regions in which people not only live considerably longer but are also exceptionally fit and vital, often times exceeding the age of 100. In addition to the social and very pronounced lifestyle familiar to these special areas, local plant-based nutrition plays an important role.

Below are the 5 Blue Zones, where our teams conduct their research as well as
cultivate and harvest specified crops


Highland regions


Campania region


Himalayan region


Highland regions


Highlands and Yaeyama