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Who you could be is
determined by your genes
who you are
is your decision!

Your life is unique –
Make the most of it

Who you are is your decision

Your daily routine and behaviours can have a major impact on your highly complex genetic system which is composed of aspects such as eating habits, environmental stimulation, stress management, social interaction and overall lifestyle. These can be considered 'epigenetic modifications'.

Your gene pool, or "predisposition" does not change; rather, the activity of your genes does. Genes determine which resources the body uses to the fullest or in some cases, neglects. It is all about which gene sequences are activated or even 'switched off' with varying intensities.

Think of a gene pool as a unique blueprint to your body and its functions. Your blueprint remains the same - except that it is no longer used according to the original plan. Therefore, the degree of these so-called ‘epigenetic modifications’ contributes decisively to the overall wellness, vitality and energy levels you master your everyday life with. Your quality of life is fundamentally influenced by these changes.

The answer to a long and healthy life lies within you.

BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS is the first personalized medical care concept based on the power of pure phytonutrients. These directly affect epigenetic signalling pathways and mechanisms prompting the body to restore its original, complex and personalized blueprint, and regain your optimal wellness.

What you seek on the outside –
can be found within…

My personal BLUEZONE

Using the state-of-the-art PRECISION-GENEOMETRY® analysis method, your epigenetic changes can be measured and analysed. The combination of genetic and epigenetic analysis allows us to gather the right phytonutrients for your individual needs. This is a highly complex system that calculates your body’s need for different natural plant compounds, activating and repairing gene activity and function. Accurate and personalized.

Unique like you

BLUEZONE® ELEMENTS is as unique as you are. The formulation of natural plant secondary substances (phytonutrients) is adapted to your personal blueprint.

BLUEZONES® Elements provide you with the proper phytonutrients, analysed and customized according to your individual body needs, to reactivate individual gene sequences. The proof is clear. Positive changes and correlated success at molecular level are demonstrated after 6 months of treatment. These changes will be identified by the most accurate measure for success… you.


We have combined our knowledge from years of scientific research on the epigenetic regulatory system with knowledge of the outstanding effects of secondary plant compounds to create BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS. Our concept pursues a comprehensive view of health and is based on the ever-evolving future of health care. This is a system that caters for those who desire a more comprehensive understanding of the body and its needs unique to each individual.


Live and enjoy the later stages
of your life with the same health
and vitality of your earlier years.

Juerg Daniel Schmid
Research & Development


The genetic material in your cell carries much more information than it needs for its respective function. Most of the information remains unexploited, because the cell only reads the data and information it contains when this gene is "tagged" and therefore "switched on." A skin cell, for example, contains the same information as a hair cell, except that genes are turned on or off by 'markers' in such a way that the cell functions according to its signalled instructions.

A New Approach

According to the latest scientific research, the decisive factor is not your blueprint, but rather the question of which genes are switched on or off.
These new discoveries are part of the so-called epigenetic research, which assumes that the 'switches' or - scientifically speaking - the 'markers' on our genes are much more important than the genes themselves. These switches enable the body to react directly to factors such as the environment, nutrition, psychological stress, etc.


BLUEZONES Suisse g is integrated in the PRECISION-GENEOMETRY® project - a highly complex and innovative analysis system. In collaboration with HealthBiocare mbh in Vienna and the Swiss company System Biologie AG, the relevant markers for epigenetic alteration can be analysed with a few drops of blood. The analysis provides precise information about these modifications as well as your biological age compared to your actual chronological age

The Benefits

PRECISION-GENEOMETRY® recognizes your individual risk factors with comprehensive analysis and formulates precise recommendations in the form of nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals). These are designed to meet your individual specific DNA requirements and optimize the 'markers' so that your 'blueprint' can function without error.