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Why do I get BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS exclusively through a physician?

BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS is exclusively available through designated physicians and clinics as these chosen specialists are particularly skilled in the field of epigenetics and anti-aging and are constantly updating their knowledge. This way, we can guarantee the best possible care and consultation.

How do I pay for the products and how expensive are they?

BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS is prescribed for you by your personal physician. The billing of these products will be by the physician or directly from a Bluezones representative.
As each product is custom-made without restrictions, the prices can vary slightly depending on the raw material used.
However, you can expect a six-month treatment course to cost approximately 3,300 EUR.
The therapy includes an initial analysis-6 months therapy with personalized shots or capsules and a follow-up analysis to monitor the success of the therapy.

Will I get my test results handed out?

he BLUEZONES Laboratory will provide the test results to your physician, who will discuss everything with you, explain the individual sections of the test, and describe an overview of the 6-month treatment and cure. The recommendations that your physician may suggest are situational and unique to your results.

Will the test give an indication of my general state of health?

The Bluezones test provides our experts with a wide range of analysis results, allowing a good overview of the general state of health. In the event of any abnormality, your physician will inform you responsibly and competently and will recommend a possible course of treatment or further consultations.

Is it possible to tell from the DNA tests and analysis if I have signs of becoming ill, and would I be informed if so?

First and foremost, our BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products naturally serve to maintain your physical and mental performance as well as overall vitality. Due to our ultra-modern analysis procedure, it is possible that (and we are deliberately formulating this in the subjunctive here) DNA analysis could be used to identify any tendencies of possible discomfort, which in turn could possibly lead to illness under certain circumstances. However, this can be assessed using epigenetic transformations, which is the goal of our research and our products. Since your consultant (physician) receives the results of your analysis and evaluations, they will handle them to their standards of responsibility and competency.

What is so unique about Geneometry® analysis?

The state-of-the-art analysis method, PRECISION-GENEOMETRY® can be used to measure and analyse your epigenetic changes. According to the latest scientific findings, it is not your blueprint (i.e. your DNA) that is so important, but the question of which genes are switched on or off (epigenetics). This world-wide leading analytical method of a combination of genetic and epigenetic analysis - in a sense the deviation or difference between the expected and present state - enables us to put together the right phytonutrients for your individual needs in order to reactivate and repair the missing activity of your genes– precise and customized.

What makes BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS different from other personalized nutritional supplements?

A fundamental difference between BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS and other personalised food supplements consists in the fundamental data we analyse via PRECISION-GENEOMETRY®. Many suppliers only examine the favourable GEN-SNiPs via saliva for the development of their products. However, the 'epigenetic variation' of your blueprint is very important. We use this to determine which genes you can reactivate or repair specialized phytonutrients. Furthermore, BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS does not replace a superficial deficiency, but rather supports your body to tap into its true strength again through a carefully balanced and customized treatment of phytonutrients - rendering (constant) compensation through external supply obsolete. An additional difference consists in the selection of ingredients and active substances. The concept of BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS is not based a cocktail of vitamins or minerals to compensate for a deficiency, as is the case with conventional supplements. An individual recipe of vitamins and minerals will not work. Even their supply through the usual daily consumption of fruit and vegetables would distort the requirements. BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS are based on special phytonutrients, which the body does not receive in sufficient quantity and quality with food.

Does the first consultation with a physician not involve any obligation, or do I already enter into obligations with an inquiry?

The first consultation with a physician will be without obligation. However, you can point this out in advance of your first appointment for complete certainty. Depending on the scope of the appointment and the time required by the physician, you may want to clarify with him/her beforehand whether they would like to calculate the consultation costs if you decide not to use BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS.

What is the nature of the research on which BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS is based?

For the past 20 years, the research of the Bluezones Research Group has been guided by a clear objective: to generate a positive impact on the aging process. Research findings and results on special plant-derived secondary substances that have a positive influence on cellular senescence1, autophagy2 and the aging process with a personalized prevention concept to stop, delay or even reverse the process of individual aging.
1 Senescence is one of the natural mechanisms of aging and associated signs such as wrinkles or sagging skin. Senescent cells can no longer divide but remain in the body.
2 Autophagy is a vital process and removes old cells that are no longer functional. Old, damaged or even superfluous cell organelles break down proteins, fats and cells. The individual parts are reused. Autophagy is designed to keep a healthy balance of the breakdown of old cellular components and the production of new ones. It also slows down the aging process, protects against infections, and prevents various diseases.

What is measured by the capillary blood collection on the finger?

We measure to what extent significant influences (environment, stress, nutrition) have influenced the original blueprint of your gene pool, and therefore the activity of your genes. We measured epigenetic (erroneous) regulation of genome DNA stability, erroneous regulation of genes relevant to inflammation (eg, TNFAlpha or IL-6 methylation), or the communication of important metabolic processes via microRNA. Telomere lengths are also measured, as well as single nucleotide polymorphisms - changes in individual bases of the genetic code.

Is it possible to modify (switch on or off) genes that no longer function properly?

Genes can be switched on and off completely, or their activity can be regulated. The customized BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS phytoconcept can therefore influence and regulate the activity of genes.

What are miRNAs and how do the secondary plant compounds of BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS influence miRNAs?

MicroRNAs (or miRNAs) are essential for the communication of important metabolic processes. How often the body reads genes varies greatly and depends on environmental, nutritional and lifestyle influences. Micro RNAs regulate how often important functions are performed in the body. Whether more or less is produced by an important enzyme is due to the regulation of these micro RNAs. Of course, important genes involved in cell or DNA repair should be read frequently, while genes responsible for inflammation should not be over-read. These microRNAs can be modified by secondary plant compounds and thus affect bodily functions.

Can the plant substances of BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS influence the genes, or even reactivate them?

Your genetic make-up is directly 'conducted' by the food you eat, by environmental factors and your everyday behaviours, but without being changed. Rather, the activity of your genes changes. According to the latest scientific findings, it is not so much your blueprint that is decisive, but rather the question of which genes are switched on or off. These new findings are part of what is known as epigenetic research, which assumes that the 'switches' or, scientifically speaking, the 'markers' on our genes are much more important than the genes themselves. Similar to the way environment, nutrition and social lifestyle control the epigenetic 'control units' microRNAs and DNA methylation (mechanism for the regulation of gene activities), these are now specifically influenced by plant substances according to the same principle.

Are there any side effects from using BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS?

The personalized BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS products are vegan and so far, no side effects have been reported.

Are the ingredients of the customized supplements plant-based or do they also contain chemical components?

The BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS concept is based on pure plant substances; the products are free of any chemical substances.

After which time should a new test be carried out

The personalized treatment takes about 6 months. After that, epigenetic markers must be tested again. Based on progress, the consultant (physician) will make a maintenance recommendation. In the subsequent course of treatment, monitoring in a 2-year rhythm by analysis (blood from the fingers) is useful.

Are there deviations (SNPs) that are irreversible and a risk to my health?

SNPs are generally irreversible. However, SNPs only provide an indication of possible risks and do not yet represent a disease diagnosis. However, only nutritionally relevant SNPs are analysed in our tests.

What is the duration of a BLUEZONES®ELEMENTS treatment and do I have to follow a preservation therapy?

Your BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products are manufactured for 6 months to give your body the time it needs to 'adjust' properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this 6-month period to ensure successful treatment. Your consultant (physician) will recommend, and how long it will last, a maintenance therapy based on the results of your analysis and will determine it together with you.

How necessary is a change in nutritional habits and or smoking, alcohol, etc.?

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are of course essential and generally recommended. The effect of a conscious diet and balanced lifestyle is enhanced by BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS products and deficits can be balanced.