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like you

Our valuable concept is
just like you.

Your path on the road
towards success can begin

Who would have thought that at the
age of 72 I’d become more active and vital
than some 30-year olds?
It's never too late to take a chance
and make life even better.
Roberto M.

The beast years of my life
are ahead of me.
Francesca B., 42

This is your
chance to get


Please fill out the contact form.
We will evaluate an appropriate expert (a physician or a clinic/clinical institution) in accordance with the place of residence. This expert will contact you as soon as possible according to your information (via telephone/ e-mail).

Appointment and First Steps

Please arrange an appointment for a first, one-to-one consultation. Together with your personal advisor (physician) you will fill out a questionnaire that records everyday habits such as sports activities, professional life, stress levels or eating habits. For the DNA analysis, a few drops of capillary blood are collected from your finger. The consultant (physician) sends the questionnaire and the sample to our partner laboratory HealthBioCare GmbH, based in Vienna, for laboratory analysis in compliance with the strictest data protection regulations.

DNA Analysis

HealthBioCare gmbh performs genetic and epigenetic tests using the latest analysis method, PRECISION-GENEOMETRY®. This evaluates the submitted sample as well as your questionnaire. HealthBioCare gmbh transmits the analysis data to BLUEZONES Suisse gmbh for further processing.

Personalized Products

The qualified specialists of BLUEZONES Suisse gmbh formulate and produce your personalized products according to the analysed data.


All products manufactured individually will be delivered to your consultant (physician) or - depending on the agreement - directly to you. Your expert is available to answer your questions.


Your personal advisor (physician) will look after you for the entire treatment period of 6 months. Once this timeframe is complete, a second analysis of current samples is compared with your initial data. You can now discuss the success achieved with your consultant (physician- and explore measures for further action to maintain this success.



Your personal data will be kept 100% confidential in accordance with the protection of privacy. The individual analysis data are immediately encrypted with an anonymized code by your consultant (doctor) after the collection of capillary blood sample and sent completely privatized for further processing. Therefore, your personal data can only be assigned by your consultant (physician). All other parties involved such as HealthBioCare gmbh or BLUEZONES Suisse gmbh work solely with completely anonymized data. If you have any further questions on this topic, we recommend that you discuss this with your personal advisor (physician) on site.


BLUEZONES Suisse gmbh manufactures in Switzerland according to the quality standard GMP, an abbreviation for 'Good Manufacturing Practice'. This comprehensive quality assurance system must be observed in the manufacturing of certain items such as pharmaceutical products.

All our specialists are certified. The products are subject to strict quality management according to DIN EN ISO 13485, which specifies the requirements for comprehensive quality management for packaging safety and the manufacture of medical products.